Refund within 24 hours of the request

This feature allows you to return all your money after ordering directly from the site and guarantees you your full right.
This feature includes all products available on the site.

Free returns within 12 hours of receiving

The free return policy for goods is based on the fact that the product did not come as requested by the customer from the site.
Or the product has been damaged by transportation or the like, within 12 hours of the customer receiving the order.

Not all products contain the free return service, some of them must pay some fees for the return.

24/7 customer service

Kitastor customer service is distinguished by its high speed and accuracy in every order currency. You can inquire about everything related to purchasing from Kitastor

Free Delivery

Free delivery service, this service is available on 70% of products that support shipping to all countries of the world.
Free delivery to supported countries such as America, the European Union, Indonesia and some countries.