Chinese Dance Performance Lace Umbrella Classical Hanfu Oil Paper Umbrella Fairy

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Is the umbrella rainproof?

It is slightly rainproof. After being drenched, please keep it completely dry before saving.

Please note: it is not an industrial product, but purely handmade.

Is the umbrella sunscreen? Yes, it can protect against the sun.

What is the diameter of the umbrella?


What if I need a children’s umbrella?

Please buy any picture style of umbrella you need directly. All umbrellas can be made into children’s umbrellas with a diameter of 70cm/27.5inches

Please purchase directly. When purchasing, please note: 70cm, or leave a message to the customer service.

Alternatively, enter the homepage of our store and search for: 70cm, or 56cm

Can the umbrella be folded?

Yes, all umbrellas can be folded,Portable.

What is the diameter of the umbrella when it is folded?

Generally about  Folded handle length 58cm(22inches)for open diameter 82cm(32inches)–Suitable for 1-2 adults

Folded handle length 48cm(19inches) for open diameter 70cm(27.5inches)—Suitable for 1 adult or 6-15 year old teenagers

Folded handle length 41cm(16inches) for open diameter 56cm(22inches)—Suitable for 1 child, 1-6 years old

Again —-Dear friend, all products in our store are handmade and made from natural bamboo. All umbrellas have handmade marks. If you mind, please purchase with caution. Umbrellas are particularly suitable as photography props and decor tools.Always keep it dry for maintenance and then store it. Umbrellas can prevent light/moderate rain, but not heavy rain. Umbrellas are mainly used for cosplay, interior decoration, shooting props for Hanfu/Qipao, sun protection, advertising umbrellas, etc.

The products can be customized with patterns. If you need customization, please contact customer service.


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